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No need to hesitate. Download a lab sheet today. Our team of specialists are ready to take your order and exceed your expectations. Just print a lab sheet and fill it out — simple, easy, and free!

Each case is covered by JR Quality Orthodontic laboratory's
Service Standards of Excellence which insures:

  • On time delivery
  • Guarantee all cases within 5 working days
  • Free trial for all new customers
  • Diverse customized Color and Design

If you have any questions regarding our services,
please feel free to contact us at (619) 795-2406

How to send your case to
JR Quality Orthodontic Laboratory

  1. Write the doctor's name and patient's name on the back of the work model. This will aid us in identifying the work models when you send multiple cases in one box.
  2. Fill out the JR Lab Sheet completely. Specify appliance design (wires, clasps, color). Please include doctor's name, patient�s name, phone number, and return date.
  3. Package the work model and prescription form in a box assuring that the contents do not move within the box.
  4. Give the package to one of our courteous pick-up / delivery drivers or the appropriate shipping company.
  5. If you need more lab Slips for future orders, please request them by phone, e-mail, or simply print a PDF version available on this page.